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Dear Earth, 


I’ve done many bad stuff to you and will try my best to fix my mistakes. I will begin carpooling to school, plant more trees, and not buy plastic-packaged foods. I will also eat healthier from now on, so that I may not only help you but also myself. I hope you can accept my apology since I will try my best to live a life that is eco-friendly. This is also how I will try my best to help stop climate change. 


Sincerely Qasim Sheikh 

dear mother earth. I've hurt you and id like to apologize. You've given me everything I've ever desired. I had my house built on your very skin. I have found comfort in you and shade on sunny days

I Have slept on the grass you give and danced in the rain you let down

yet today I see you dying

I see your luscious surface cracked up and brown

I see you trees of shade burning by the day

and I think to myself. If I would pay back all that you have done for me

if I could pay back even an ounce of it

but I cant

but I will try

I will treat you better

I will love you and I will take care of you because you alone are my mother

you raised me and gave me water and shade and rain

I will water you as you watered me

and I grow trees on your surface as you raised me

and I will pray to go

to restore your beauty

so that one day my children can feel the love


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